Experiencing domestic abuse can feel lonely, isolating and make you feel there's nowhere to turn. Making the decision to come to refuge can feel overwhelming. We want you to know that we are here to help make the transition simpler for you- coming to stay is much easier than you think, can change your life for the better and you'll no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Most women say they feel a sense of relief once they have settled in.

Here is a message from one of our current residents about her journey. She has bravely agreed to speak out to enourage other women to seek help if the are experiencing abuse. 

We would like to say to this woman... you are truly amazing for how far you have come and how you've turned things around for yourself and your boys. We are very proud of you!

My Story

"I came into refuge with my two small children, agreeing to only staying for a couple of weeks. I have now been here 17 months and am so grateful for the time spent and all the help and support I have received along my journey.

After six months spent in Wirral Women and Children’s Aid refuge, I asked for my time to be extended as I wasn’t ready to move on.

When coming into refuge I was in a dark and lonely place, fleeing domestic violence, which I feel at the time I was in denial about. I couldn’t see how bad my relationship was until I was completely free of my abuser.

Experiencing domestic abuse led me to hide my thoughts and feelings by turning to drugs to escape. I was living a double life. I kept it a secret for the first six months of living in refuge from professionals, friends and family until the signs started to show and cracks started to appear.

I wasn’t being the mum I know I could be. My children were being affected by my drug abuse and eventually the social were informed of my issues which lead to them going onto child protection. At one point, I was going to lose my poor babies to the care system…. until I thought ‘enough is enough’. Time to reach out, be honest with myself and professionals, admit I had an addiction and receive all the help and support to get myself better, fight off my demons and put a stop to using drugs as an escape.

Having the extra time at the refuge has saved me as a person and kept my boys with their Mummy where they belong.

I now have the confidence to speak out to others and to speak to professionals. The staff at refuge have been my savior. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They have saved me, saved my family and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to extend my stay at refuge until I felt ready to move on with my life.

Coming to refuge can be very overwhelming and scary- seeing new faces and meeting new people, but I have met some amazing and strong women along the way and made some wonderful memories.

The staff are amazing. They gave me some fantastic support. My children are now shining. We are so happy. We play and laugh every single day. Coming into refuge has been the best thing to have ever happened for myself and my children.

I am now clean from drugs, free from domestic abuse and so excited to start my new chapter with my boys, and to reach out to other women who have experienced similar situations.

If you need help- speak out and receive the right help and support, you deserve. It’s the best thing I ever did".

Anonymous- July 2020