Outreach Support

Our specialist worker provides high quality practical and emotional support to women who access the refuge due to experiencing domestic abuse and continues this support as residents transition into the community. Our outreach worker is predominantly based in Refuge which enables a trusting relationship to be built and continue once women move on from Refuge, working as a trauma informed practitioner offering therapeutic interventions to support their recovery


This will include conducting key work sessions on a regular basis,  working alongside other refuge staff and partner agencies and case management, to help the women rebuild their lives without abuse.


The support provided includes:

  • Skilled practical help, information, advice, guidance, emotional support and advocacy for women.

  • Work with survivors to assess need and risk in order to establish and maintain a support/safety plan.

  • Work with survivors on a one to one which includes regular visits and telephone contact.

  • Therapeutic sessions on a 1-1 if identified need to support around mental health and emotional well being such as CBT informed and solution focused sessions around anxiety, low mood and trauma to support recovery. If more specialist provision is required from a trained counsellor then women referred on for additional support.

  • Establishing and encouraging survivors to access services relevant to resolving their issues such as legal advice, housing and benefit rights, education and health services.

  • Offering advocacy for women by supporting them to have their needs met by other agencies and where appropriate referring to other services.

  • Working according to sound safeguarding principles to ensure that the welfare of children and vulnerable adults are paramount and appropriate records are maintained.

  • Supporting women through protective interventions for themselves and their family, including supporting them through the civil and criminal court process.

  • Enabling women to develop their own support network and ensure they receive the services they are entitled to.

  • Ensuring that the views and experiences of women and agencies are heard.