How we will help you move on from refuge

While you stay with us, the aim is for you to receive support to gain the coping skills you will need to manage the change in your circumstances.  We will do this by helping you to complete a support plan. When you no longer need the support or no longer wish to receive it then we can help you to find longer term permanent accommodation. We will do this by using the following process that will be controlled by you.


Staff will work with you from the beginning of your stay to help you plan your long term aims around where you want to move to

  • They will help you identify and gain skills and resources you will need following changes in your situation
  • They will review your support plan regularly with you to look at how much progress you have made and what else needs to be done to help you
  • When you have completed your support plan or feel ready to move, they will meet with you to plan the move
  • Staff will help you look at the type of housing you need, what area you would like to live, what schools are in the area and what type of properties are available for you.  They will also assist you in applying for properties by approaching landlords on your behalf, if you don't feel confident to do so
  • They will help you to plan and budget for your move and help you claim any benefits you may be entitled to
  • They can also help you with some of the practical parts of moving like packing, arranging transport and setting up utilities such as gas, electric and water in your new home

Staff will also work with you to look at what support you need when you move and who are the best people to support you.  This could be from your family and friends, other professionals who you work with, such as your social worker and we may be able to provide you with some extra outreach support after you move.

Whilst helping you apply for other housing, WWACA will need to share information about you to other organisations such as landlords or Housing Options.  We will only share information that you agree to, and we will talk to you before we share it.  

Moving home when you no longer need support is what you have been aiming for, but it can also be a very difficult time.  Staff are here to listen to your concerns and help you to reach your goals. You can contact us for advice and support even after you have finished using the service and we will always help you if we can.