We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to PH Holt Foundation for providing a £10,000 grant to support our work in schools.

Through numerous trauma training courses, in particular the Level 5 Diploma in Trauma and Mental Health delivered by Trauma Informed Schools UK (funded by PH Holt last year), we found that many children's ‘poor behaviour’, disengagement and low attendance was often due to trauma. Rather than punishments or well-intentioned yet ineffective responses, we aim to get to the core of what is happening for the child, build trust and work with them as an emotionally available adult and be present in the moment with them to help put words to their emotions so that they can understand them and be able to process what is happening and know they are not to feel blamed or that they are ‘bad’ children and young people.

Our Aims

Our aim is to work with children using neuro-scientific techniques, such as PACE, to improve and help with those who are: unable to attend school​, have a fight/flight/freeze response, poor school performance, risk taking behaviours, are unable to connect with their emotions, have a heightened fear, panic/grief system due to it being repeatedly activated​, stop them getting into fights and becoming withdrawn. 

The children and those surrounding them will learn how to protect, relate, regulate and reflect.

The qualitative outcome will be children are happier, feel safe, have their care and play seeking systems activated, be able to perform better in school and be able to engage educationally and socially in a way they haven’t been able to before. This will in turn have a profound effect as they move into adulthood, help to break the repeating cycle of abuse and improve their economic circumstances.